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Weeping, wailing, sniveling, blubbering..

Call it by any name

Yet to me ,

An inevitable sensation

That pushes my  pain  in some motion

sometimes a notion

Revering and relaxing

Drifting and dredging


From those rusting thoughts emotions feeling

Or whatever the name be

Something  for sure tough

That Often

Finds some imaginary place

In my god-dam cellular space

Making me loose my base

Blotting me with a severe headache……


It helped, no it really did

I felt good I felt at peace

Yes , in this process

Though I often lost a  lot of water

Flushing up my big black floating thing (eyes)


Some fresh canteen some fresh flacon

But ever-time this therapy worked.

Its not some stuff that only “girls” dress in

It’s a natural therapy which

We all undergo once in their life

I  you everyone does

Lest occasions may vary.





I Stalked The Arousing Curiosity

Of How It May Feel

To Touch Her Skin ;

I Walked Calmly After Her

Dying to Commit This Blood Lust Sin;

I Prowled Behind Her Silently

Through Dark Alleys at Night

Following Her Perfumed Scent

Chasing Her Out of Sight;

I Followed the Taste Of

Rhythmic Blood Flow

Following The Hunger of Soft Flesh

And The Thirst of Her Blood

That Only I Would Know;

To My Shock

She Turned Around

Stared Right Back at Me

As If

She Felt the Feeling of This Folk;

I Was Stunned

Her Carnished Brown Eyes


The Face of an Angel


What an Angel She Was;

With A Head Bow

She Began to Tow

Her Curvy Body Towards Mine

As It Turned Nine;

Two Feeling Ran in My Veins

Joy and Fear

Joy for She Turned

Fear to Why She Did So…?

She Came Close Looked Up


Stole Away My Breath;

In A Soft and Clean Voice

She Spoke Something Nice

Her Cherish Red Lips


Her Extremely Blushing Cheeks,

What A Beauty….


That Same Voice

Again Ran in Through My Ears

Braking My Connection

With That Heavenly Soul;

She Was Looking for Some Address

Wrapped in A Beautiful Dress

Waiting To Greet

Someone Across The Street;

Coming Back to My Gentleness

I Showed Her Destiny

Turned Around


Walked Away Without Looking Back Again….;

Tough I Didn’t Said Anything

But My Heart Knows What It Was Like

That Feeling, That Curiosity


May Call It My Prodigy,

I Still Remember That Beauty

And Can Pen Down Her Serenity

Each Time Differently……


Fantasia Painting(16)

A jar full of penny
A song to puff my ears at any 🕗
A long drive;
A glass of 🍷 wine
Coupled with
Some chicken
At nine,
Gorgeous night
Astra-ls dine
Blinking and placing their crime;
Followed by..
A pleasant sunshine
Any birds to chime
Remembrance of UR rhyme
And U;
Tight sniffing winds
In which
By time I rinse;
Ur attire
That put me in a satire
Ur glamorous face
And that smile
Ahmm Ahmm
And U;
I hope for a day
A day out with U
Creating an emptiness
Making some happiness
To U…..😉