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Weeping, wailing, sniveling, blubbering..

Call it by any name

Yet to me ,

An inevitable sensation

That pushes my  pain  in some motion

sometimes a notion

Revering and relaxing

Drifting and dredging


From those rusting thoughts emotions feeling

Or whatever the name be

Something  for sure tough

That Often

Finds some imaginary place

In my god-dam cellular space

Making me loose my base

Blotting me with a severe headache……


It helped, no it really did

I felt good I felt at peace

Yes , in this process

Though I often lost a  lot of water

Flushing up my big black floating thing (eyes)


Some fresh canteen some fresh flacon

But ever-time this therapy worked.

Its not some stuff that only “girls” dress in

It’s a natural therapy which

We all undergo once in their life

I  you everyone does

Lest occasions may vary.






Foolish panaroid

Of a bright future.

Isee what is only

Deterimental to myself



Yearning to be loved.

Asking to be held.

Apprehensive and clouded in my own


Clouded by my own preception

Of the desolation of this world.


How could i possibly feel any less than what

I have already become ?




And Angry…

All is well

I am loved.

I don’t understand

Why then what when

ANXIETY falls in me…?





High up there


Messing on some hilly toes

Got somewhere

Where wind was tight


Dim was light

Surrounded by snow fed mountains

And cluster of clouds ;

I stood firm just to cherish

The scene-tic beauty

A deep silence was there

The very moment i took a deep breath …

Something got into my nerves

Cold very cold

Penetrated deep inside

And then that chilling cold stuff

Started kissing my body

From head to toe.

The clock went on a sleep mode


I was lost to an unknown world then..




At last

I drained some fuel in me

woke up from a dream


Finally marched back to reality..




Dim were the lights

Till she stepped inside

Illuminating it

With… her aura, her presence, her sigh..,


Her eyes 👀

Filled in with holy liquid

In which squidded

A bright green sandstone

Varnished with love in it.,


The table stood upright

Holding the lady

In her mighty PLIGHT


To support their new HEIR

Candles and fire-sticks

Glorified her glare



She placed

Her white bright glowing hands

On those little musical strands


The palace got suffocated

With those magical notes

she perforated


Through dark glossy windows

coagulated in rows


I still remember that BEAUTY

Her splendid smile , her serenity

That night that we went

Where words were kept at rent


The only thing

I remember of that night


The melancholic music

An angel brewed with shear calmness


Nothing else….,



I still remember the day i was preparing fresh lime water for the first time. I ended up adding almost five times the lemon  required 🍋 . Finally it was a disaster now. How i wish i could remove some lemon juice from water to make it taste perfect again ! But alass!              some things can never be undone.                                                                                                              some things can never be changed .                                                                                                            The only way to correct this was to add four more glasses of water and dilute the lemon juice to make five glasses of fresh lime water… 🍹                                                                                      this made me think …….!                                                                                                                                sometimes we cannot undo somethings that have gone wrong in life. Some wrong decisions , wrong choices, wrong investments, wrong actions, wrong associations, wrong words or wrong doings can never be undone..                                                                                          so what is the solution then ?                                                                                                                         When you cannot correct what you have done wrong , do not waste more time over it . It is like attempting to remove lemon from water .                                                                                    Instead , get busy in adding so Manny right things in your life that the wrong seems insufficient ……. And at last turn i into lemonade and then drink it with peace…🤣