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Fantasia Painting(5) 2

She flew in like an angel

Bringing with her,

Some muse from heavens

Some clues from revns

Some colours Some shades

Though mearly

Black and red were they.


Bright red lips


On white glowing gloomy face

Noticed I


She passed by with pace.


Pretty white frock she wore

Dipped and smugged

In blood red color Alo’re.


Curvy trunk of hers

Made a burning sensation

In my nerves.


May call it

My imagination


My ambiguity

That I aquarius

Organised her

In my aquarelle..⚓




Weeping, wailing, sniveling, blubbering..

Call it by any name

Yet to me ,

An inevitable sensation

That pushes my  pain  in some motion

sometimes a notion

Revering and relaxing

Drifting and dredging


From those rusting thoughts emotions feeling

Or whatever the name be

Something  for sure tough

That Often

Finds some imaginary place

In my god-dam cellular space

Making me loose my base

Blotting me with a severe headache……


It helped, no it really did

I felt good I felt at peace

Yes , in this process

Though I often lost a  lot of water

Flushing up my big black floating thing (eyes)


Some fresh canteen some fresh flacon

But ever-time this therapy worked.

Its not some stuff that only “girls” dress in

It’s a natural therapy which

We all undergo once in their life

I  you everyone does

Lest occasions may vary.





Foolish panaroid

Of a bright future.

Isee what is only

Deterimental to myself



Yearning to be loved.

Asking to be held.

Apprehensive and clouded in my own


Clouded by my own preception

Of the desolation of this world.


How could i possibly feel any less than what

I have already become ?




And Angry…

All is well

I am loved.

I don’t understand

Why then what when

ANXIETY falls in me…?



I still remember the day i was preparing fresh lime water for the first time. I ended up adding almost five times the lemon  required 🍋 . Finally it was a disaster now. How i wish i could remove some lemon juice from water to make it taste perfect again ! But alass!              some things can never be undone.                                                                                                              some things can never be changed .                                                                                                            The only way to correct this was to add four more glasses of water and dilute the lemon juice to make five glasses of fresh lime water… 🍹                                                                                      this made me think …….!                                                                                                                                sometimes we cannot undo somethings that have gone wrong in life. Some wrong decisions , wrong choices, wrong investments, wrong actions, wrong associations, wrong words or wrong doings can never be undone..                                                                                          so what is the solution then ?                                                                                                                         When you cannot correct what you have done wrong , do not waste more time over it . It is like attempting to remove lemon from water .                                                                                    Instead , get busy in adding so Manny right things in your life that the wrong seems insufficient ……. And at last turn i into lemonade and then drink it with peace…🤣






























































Clogged in dust

Waiting to burst


Bent at the edges

Demanded some poetic wages

And so then

At last

I filled I some ink

Raised the pen


Made a blink, …


Many thoughts buffered around

In so called

My thinking ground


I shifted the nib

Up and down

Making some writings

In her holy town


As my pen touched soft belly

She frowned majestically

Like a soft jelly,


Finally, I wrote something

On her naked soul

Good bad…?

Still looking for the poll


She was wrapped

In my writings from head to toe

Yet I left behind some space

Pending to doe….

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Fantasia Painting(16)

A jar full of penny
A song to puff my ears at any 🕗
A long drive;
A glass of 🍷 wine
Coupled with
Some chicken
At nine,
Gorgeous night
Astra-ls dine
Blinking and placing their crime;
Followed by..
A pleasant sunshine
Any birds to chime
Remembrance of UR rhyme
And U;
Tight sniffing winds
In which
By time I rinse;
Ur attire
That put me in a satire
Ur glamorous face
And that smile
Ahmm Ahmm
And U;
I hope for a day
A day out with U
Creating an emptiness
Making some happiness
To U…..😉