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Weeping, wailing, sniveling, blubbering..

Call it by any name

Yet to me ,

An inevitable sensation

That pushes my  pain  in some motion

sometimes a notion

Revering and relaxing

Drifting and dredging


From those rusting thoughts emotions feeling

Or whatever the name be

Something  for sure tough

That Often

Finds some imaginary place

In my god-dam cellular space

Making me loose my base

Blotting me with a severe headache……


It helped, no it really did

I felt good I felt at peace

Yes , in this process

Though I often lost a  lot of water

Flushing up my big black floating thing (eyes)


Some fresh canteen some fresh flacon

But ever-time this therapy worked.

Its not some stuff that only “girls” dress in

It’s a natural therapy which

We all undergo once in their life

I  you everyone does

Lest occasions may vary.