Majestical cook

Astonishing at-look

Cleare n pure soul

Though may u take any poll


Just a 6 letter word yet a complete book

Read and written by a-lot

L’est  yet not and can’t be published


Man-ny have publicised her,  statuetised her

In different formats roots and spur

But when were goddes being defined by men..?

She aprons different social names

At different stages in different streams.

Yet dosent blames neither demands any fame.

Manny-a-times i fight with her ….

But then that’s what cubs of a lioness do.!

As they say …. women are born fighters as they have an extra strand in Thier DNA, men need to become one..!


2 thoughts on “M O T H E R

  1. Re: “Science Proves Obama’s Miraculous Powers”, according to Prof. Marx, et al.I can hardly wait till Prof. Lysenko confirms these results. Surely someone is pulling a hoax on the humorless loony leftists at the NY FisI.rapwhf Blacks’ test scores keep rising for even a year at this rate, they will soon enslave Whites.


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