Dim were the lights

Till she stepped inside

Illuminating it

With… her aura, her presence, her sigh..,


Her eyes 👀

Filled in with holy liquid

In which squidded

A bright green sandstone

Varnished with love in it.,


The table stood upright

Holding the lady

In her mighty PLIGHT


To support their new HEIR

Candles and fire-sticks

Glorified her glare



She placed

Her white bright glowing hands

On those little musical strands


The palace got suffocated

With those magical notes

she perforated


Through dark glossy windows

coagulated in rows


I still remember that BEAUTY

Her splendid smile , her serenity

That night that we went

Where words were kept at rent


The only thing

I remember of that night


The melancholic music

An angel brewed with shear calmness


Nothing else….,



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