I Stalked The Arousing Curiosity

Of How It May Feel

To Touch Her Skin ;

I Walked Calmly After Her

Dying to Commit This Blood Lust Sin;

I Prowled Behind Her Silently

Through Dark Alleys at Night

Following Her Perfumed Scent

Chasing Her Out of Sight;

I Followed the Taste Of

Rhythmic Blood Flow

Following The Hunger of Soft Flesh

And The Thirst of Her Blood

That Only I Would Know;

To My Shock

She Turned Around

Stared Right Back at Me

As If

She Felt the Feeling of This Folk;

I Was Stunned

Her Carnished Brown Eyes


The Face of an Angel


What an Angel She Was;

With A Head Bow

She Began to Tow

Her Curvy Body Towards Mine

As It Turned Nine;

Two Feeling Ran in My Veins

Joy and Fear

Joy for She Turned

Fear to Why She Did So…?

She Came Close Looked Up


Stole Away My Breath;

In A Soft and Clean Voice

She Spoke Something Nice

Her Cherish Red Lips


Her Extremely Blushing Cheeks,

What A Beauty….


That Same Voice

Again Ran in Through My Ears

Braking My Connection

With That Heavenly Soul;

She Was Looking for Some Address

Wrapped in A Beautiful Dress

Waiting To Greet

Someone Across The Street;

Coming Back to My Gentleness

I Showed Her Destiny

Turned Around


Walked Away Without Looking Back Again….;

Tough I Didn’t Said Anything

But My Heart Knows What It Was Like

That Feeling, That Curiosity


May Call It My Prodigy,

I Still Remember That Beauty

And Can Pen Down Her Serenity

Each Time Differently……


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