Life is a journey


I am just an amateur

Still learnt a bit,

The high u dream

The more it pains

The more u dwell deep inside.

Despite of this

I dream,

As it keeps me alive.

Living life

Without any expectation

Makes it more soothing

At least

Ur not afraid of drowning back

And there is nothing to loose;

But without expectations

Life becomes lifeless,

Variety and diversity

Both are breathing souls.

There were days I used to spend hours on social sites

Blabbering something

Looking for something


Unaware of “something “.

At beginning

I thought

I was the controller


By time reversal turned to reality.

That very day

I Learned something


Being social is good

Only when u r rich

Rich enough to entertain them

Ur so called FRIENDS


After the show is over

A CLOWN holds no value.

So its good to be alone

Or be with them

Who can relive Ur pain

Rather than feeling it.


People look for a puppet show in Ur life.

In past few months I have met enormous men

Seen thousands of them

Each bearing a different face

At every other occasion.

I don’t know what my life will be

Good, bad or something

Mystery remains underfunded


I have learned the tact of reading human faces,

Face that bears a mask

Which will change according to u,

Sounds funny ,but true.

Though there are many lessons

Enormous treasures

Which are still to be unlocked


To be looked upon in my life

I still search for a companion

With whom I can share my life with….

Hope some day or other

I will place myself besides one….



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